What happens after you recover from CORONAVIRUS?

The enormous majority of people infected with COVID-19 will make a complete recovery. But this arises a new question in minds about how rapidly we can expect to recover and what our social responsibilities might be.

How long does it live in your body?

A study conducted by the Lancet Medical Journal gives a deep answer to this question. It reports that COVID-19 patients carry pathogens in their respiratory tract for 37 days It means that virus hovers in infectious people for many weeks but the recommendation of the Quarantine period in 14 days. Patients remain infectious long after their symptoms fade, unintentionally spreading the virus further.

Can you get this virus again?

There are confined reports of people possibly catching coronavirus again. Data from health officials reported that many people that recovered then tested positive again.

Typically, when the immune system of the body defeats viral infection, it knows how to defeat it again. An omission would be “if the patient is in some way immunocompromised”.

How long might immunity to covid-19:

If you catch an infection your immune system comes up against that virus. To get the infection again when you are in that position would be entirely unusual if your immune system is not functioning right. Immunity can last years with many past viruses but the reinfection question is showing a bigger picture about COVID-19 remains foggy.

One thing that might help clear up the immunity question establishing a serological test for antibodies to SARS-CoV2, the COVID-19 pathogen.

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