No Need To Stock Up or Disinfect Your Groceries

“DOH (Department Of Health) said that the Covid-19 coronavirus is a new virus and health officials don’t have any evidence to advocate that the virus is spreading through food”.

Department of Health is saying try to limit your time out of the house, along with grocery shopping. Grocery is a crucial business that’s why all the grocery stores are open. So there is no need to stock up or disinfect your groceries after importing them at home. Limit your trips to the grocery stores or supermarkets to once a week or try grocery delivery services.

Why? What is the reason behind it?

The major reason the new COVID-19 corona virus spreads from one person to another. How? When someone is suffering from COVID-19 or coughs or sneezes in the air the tiny droplets spread in the air and infect other persons. You should wash your hands after arrival from the grocery stores.

As we all know that agriculture and food production departments are essential businesses and will not be closed. Don’t worry about the shortage of food. There is no reason to stock up on groceries in excessive amounts at home but make sure you don’t need to leave the home more than once each week. Health officials said to limit your trips to grocery stores. As we all know that the whole world is fighting against COVID-19 it is crucial for all to stay at home because the virus spreads from person to person while breathing or inhaling the droplets if someone coughs and sneezes in air, Department of Health says.

DOH recommends people to wash their hands thoroughly and try not to touch their face with unwashed hands. Try to spend the whole day at home. Limit your trips to the grocery stores as well, but don’t stock up groceries at home and disinfect them. Use delivery services instead of going outside.

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