How to Effectively Cope with Work Anxiety

According to the American Institute of Stress, almost 83% of workers are suffering from work-related stress. Some of this stress is mild while at other times, the stress can lead to more complications like anxiety, depression or other types of mental illness.

ANXIETY is basically your body’s essential response to stress when you are encountering with a new and unfamiliar situation, normal feelings of fear or foreboding may arise. May be your palms start sweating and your breath will quicken.

Is work anxiety throwing you off balance and leaving you stressed? Follow these strategies for managing workplace anxiety – you’ll feel better for it

1) Take Breaks Throughout The Day:

It’s easy to get absorbed into the daily routine. We usually get into emails or work calls immediately upon waking, or sometimes we work during a lunch break but taking breaks throughout your day is crucial. Breaks allow you to disconnect from your task which gives your brain some much-needed rest.

2) Ensure You Are Getting Quality Sleep:

This is the jewel of coping with work anxiety. Sleep is undervalued activity but it is so essential and it is directly connected to your productivity as well as your energy levels in the morning.

3) Ask For Help:

If you are feeling affected and buried with a load of work, collaborate to your manager or co-workers. Just ask them about how you are feeling can be a portal to resolving the issue. Many employees accept their workload because they feel hesitant about approaching their bosses.

4) Set Honest Deadlines:

You should set boundaries that you can and cannot agree to do. Work anxiety really crests when you say yes to everything and then comprehend that you can’t complete it all. In order to cease this from illustrating, set your boundaries around your work that you are eager to do.

Anxiety is our body’s way of reacting to stress. One of the most common places we experience stress is at work. Between juggling deadlines, projects, and people, it can be overwhelming to complete and excel at everything we pile onto our plate. This is where anxiety takes the front seat, but you can take it back.

By drawing boundaries around what you’re willing and able to accomplish, you keep yourself from spiraling down into the rabbit hole of stressful work. At the same time, tapping into resources of better sleep and richer nutrition will allow you to handle any anxiety that comes your way with a clearer perspective.

While anxiety may feel crippling, there are tools at your disposal that will bring you back into alignment with yourself and your work.

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