How to Stay Positive During Corona Virus Outbreak?

Negative effects of stress can be removed by positive emotions.

With all the awful things that are arising in the world as an outcome of the covid-19. At this time it seems an unusual time to discuss being positive. In the recipe of successful endure in a lockdown, staying positive is a core ingredient. Here are some things you can do to stay positive.

Limit Your Absorption:

Nowadays you are watching 24-hours news channels, listen to critical threatening on the radio or visit websites contains dire warnings. The solution to this problem is to choose only one news source and decide how much time you will spend with it.

Watch a Funny Video:

Thanks to the enormous popularity of youtube. There are thousands of videos available on youtube that can help you to take your mind off current events. They can make you laugh. They can divert your mind from critical situations.

Increase Your Resilience:

Research has proven that on the back of a stressful event when we practice positive emotion, we have a faster “Cardiovascular recovery” time, our blood pressure stabilizes when we are capable to be positive.

Increase Your Immunity:

A study where people were knowingly infected with rhinovirus and the influenza virus found that people fight off the symptoms who had more positive emotions.

Make Your Think More Clearly:

” The way you feel dominates the way you think”. Positive emotions improve your problem-solving capability as well as your judgment, strengthen your decision-making ability, cognitive flexibility and creativity.

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining”. Now, this is your chance to take charge of your mental health.

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