Will Warm, Humid Weather really Kill Off COVID’19

The coronavirus pandemic that has sickened more than 350,000 and killed thousands and sent major recessions into a plunge, maybe decrease by the changing of the season, several exploratory studies suggest. However, the research on the behavior of coronavirus in humidity level or various temperature is just getting underway.

Multiple studies provide confirmation of analytical ties between humidity ranges and geographic regions and temperature where this virus grows. While these studies have not been peer-reviewed.

10 years ago from the Center for Infectious Diseases at The University of Edinburgh Uk, Kate Templeton conducted a study in which she found that there are four types of coronaviruses- she obtains samples from the patients with respiratory tract infections “three types marked winter seasonality”. These viruses cause infection in the winter season mainly between December and April. The fourth coronavirus reduces the immune system.

Initial hints were that covid-19 may also vary with the seasons but the increase in this new disease around the world suggests that it has a choice for dry or cool weather.

In these weeks, many cases are reported from hotter countries and there has been a rise in Europe and the United States. Australia has seen an acceleration in cases but they thought to have been bringing in abroad- while a large number of cases are under investigation. There are many examples where the virus spread between people in warmer places and several cases of virus transmission within hotter countries.

In Malaysia, one of the biggest crowd was gathered at a Mosque for four days from Feb.27 to Mar.1 after that more than 800 people testing positive for covid-19. Hundreds of people in Thailand are affected by this virus at boxing events held in Bangkok. So, warm weather can’t kill covid-19.

The growth rate of COVID’19 cases, normalized by the population, through March 22.

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